Awkward Conversations: Episode 34

Rachelle wants to podcast without a list of topics again. Our kids go out trick and treating, but don’t get to eat any candy. We talk about the one thing that makes me nervous which leads to how Rachelle and I are different when it comes to pain medication.  This leads to growth and a compromise. We stick to our principles when it comes to change as we switch schools again for most of the kids. We chat again about regret and why it helps us not make decisions to try things even if it might be a mistake. Even though I do love change, we talk about the one thing I never want to change. We try to figure out what to say when people say you look tired. Is it ever appropriate to comment on the way a woman looks with or without make-up? Are you the type of person that wants the conversation to get awkward? Rachelle thinks I am. But Rachelle makes it awkward to point out that we went to Illinois without visiting my grandma. 

Rob Clark