Who interrupts you?

What did our grandparents do with all their free time? They didn't have emails to read, they didn't have text messages to answer, they didn't have Facebook to catch up on or Instagram photos to post. Thinking about it, they should have accomplished much more than they did. 

We can make our to-do list and set our goals, but ultimately it comes down to us executing. Most of us end up not completing what we set out to do because of interruptions. At first glance, life just happens to us. Yet careful inspection will show us who actually interrupts our plans. 

Who pulls the Iphone out of their pocket the instant it vibrates? 

Who posts to Instagram while working on the big project? 

Who stops by the front desk to talk about the newest meme on the internet?

Who starts watching the new series on Netflix?

Who says yes to a meeting with no purpose?

Once we know who interrupts us from getting done what matters most, we are able to work on fixing the problem.