What's the scale

A Harvard sociologist recently released a study that showed that having obese friends increased your chances of being obese by 57%. Before you unfriend your overweight Facebook friends, let's unpack what is happening here.

When surrounded by overweight people, the new norm becomes bigger than the average person. It is human nature to compare ourselves to other people around us. It is not until you step on a scale that you realize how much weight has been gained. 

I wonder what other areas of life that this would apply. When surrounded by people that work 60 hours a week, what becomes the average work week? When surround by people that drive $90,000 vehicles, what becomes an acceptable car? When surrounded by people that spend their time gossiping about others, what becomes the topic of conversation? 

There are two solutions here. We can remove ourselves from society. We can put up walls, move to the farm or keep our distance from anyone that does not model our desired life. Or we can step on the scale. We can decide what we want our life to look like and then measure to that standard daily.