What's the game

Everyday, people make plans that ultimately fail. Intentions start off good, but somehow another option always seems better at the time. One way that goals end up accomplished more often is by turning the day into a game. 

Every plan or goal that you set, also set your opponent. Meeting your goal is a win. Missing a goal means you lost. Finding a way to keep score will increase the odds of success. Nobody plays poker if there isn't money to be won or lost. 

The plan is to eat less calories, but the Frappuccino wins. The plan is to run 5 km, but Netflix wins. The plan is to read the bible every morning, but the snooze button wins. 

Even the most non-competitive people don't like to lose. Nobody likes to lose. So instead of simply choosing to not follow through on plans, realize that every missed goal is a loss. At the same time, enjoy the wins. Celebrate your wins. What is your game today? Win today.