What to do

Few people will stay in a profession solely for the money. Fewer people will admit to it if they do. More and more people in our current economy desire to do work that has a lasting impact. 

Most of the younger people I meet with often struggle with the powerful question, "what will I do with my life?" 

The easy answer is quit being afraid to answer the question. Quit whining about not knowing what to do. Quit being lazy, do the hard work and figure it out. 

Sir Ken Robinson can add some context though. In his book, The Element he describes there are three elements to consider when asking this big life question. 

1. Are you good at what you are doing?

2. Do you love what you are doing?

3. Do you connect with others that love what you are doing? 

Smart questions if you are asking what to do with your life. Smart questions even when you figure out what to do with your life.