Walking in circles

A group of scientist in Germany recently researched if people really do walk in circles when lost in the woods. They studied several groups in the forest of Germany and additional groups in the Sahara Desert. The data did prove that people walk in circles when the sun or the moon were not visible. 

It appears that we need something to guide us. Without a focal point, we make small directional errors, which eventually leads us back to the same spot as we started. Many of us know this is true. We know that we are lost in our work, in a relationship, in a habit, or even in our thinking. Yet since we don't have sight of where we want to be we eventually end up in the exact same place. But with a focal point, we usually can make progress toward our goal. 

Kobe Bryant studied Michael Jordan for years, imitating the exact moves thousands of times in the gym. Kobe knew exactly where he wanted to be. The comparison between the two players existed because Kobe was aiming to be the next and better Jordan. 

The apostle Paul tells us to imitate him as he imitates Jesus. Paul wrote about Jesus, talked about Jesus, planted churches to worship Jesus and even died for Jesus. There was no question where Paul was going because it was clear who he was following. 

We need a focal point to reach our destination. Our goal is not to become someone else, but to know the direction we want to go. If we blindly move forward, we end up in the same place as we stand right now. Setting our sight on where we need to go, the outcome improves greatly.