Waiting for you to share

Most people associate greed with money. Yet greed can go much deeper into what we know, do and even think. 

The person who reads three books a week and refuses to share the knowledge is greedy. What good is a head full of knowledge if not used to help others? 

The person who creates meals that would challenge any fine restaurant but doesn't invite people over to eat is greedy. Don't use your gifts on your family only. 

The person who listens and gives great advice, but doesn't meet with people is greedy. 

If you don't want to be greedy any longer, then start using what you know and what you can do to help others. Start writing, pin recipes on Pinterest, become a mentor, share your art, give away your best books, pray for people, call a friend for coffee. 

You have more to offer than you think and others are waiting for you to share.