Useless motions

Today the flight attendant had to ask me several times (sorry) to remove my ear buds as she was going to explain the safety procedures in case the plane experienced an emergency landing. Unfortunately everyone knows that if the plane has to make an emergency landing, statistically speaking, the safety procedure won't be needed. 

The flight attendants know this as well. They vaguely point in the direction of an exit and they try to hide their disdain for having to show people how to work a seat belt. They are just doing their jobs and the airlines won't risk not explaining the procedures at the advice of their large legal councils. The standard airlines aren't going to change their procedures anytime soon. 

It would be a shame though if we had our own safety procedures in our own lives, jobs or even churches that we were simply going through useless motions. The hard work is to look through what we do and match it up to what we believe. If there is any disconnect, have the guts to make a change. Instead of doing what has always been done before, be willing to ask why is it still being done.