Should you quit?

Most of us have started a diet, a workout program or a blog. Most of us have quit one of those things. Last year, I quit all three in the same month. 

We know that quitters aren't winners and winners aren't quitters, but sometimes they are. Great leaders and highly productive people quit things all the time. We should quit a few television shows we follow. We should quit books when they are bad. We should quit the good things that keep us from doing the great things.

The most important factor in quitting is knowing why you should quit. The second most important factor is knowing when to quit. Both of these factors should be decided before you start any new project. 

Are you going to quit when conflict arises in the relationship? 

Are you going to quit when you don't receive the support you want?

Are you going to quit when your God given talent isn't enough? 

Don't assume that you have enough will power to battle your feelings. You don't. Instead, know at what cost you are no longer willing to pay. Write that down and don't quit for anything less.