No passion for passion

Passion often drives to innovation, break throughs, game changers, movements and top of market products. It is highly unlikely that greatness will come from a nonchalant attitude and desire though. Unfortunately, most people lack passion. More often we are surrounded people that have no passion for passion. 

Most people decide to avoid passion because it puts you out in front of others. When you have a passion, others will notice. There is a built in fear that others will mock you or even try to tear down your passion. There is a risk in standing for something bigger than yourself. 

Because of the perceived risk and fear, too many learn to hide their passions often without even knowing what they are doing. Passions need to be identified and fed. 

What are you passionate about? Write it down. The next conversation you have, share your passions. What's the plan to further your passion? Refuse to live your life without passion.