The weight of a box of potatoes

A study done at Rutgers University reported about multiple groups of people that were asked to guess the weight of a box full of potatoes. If the group was told they would have help in lifting the box, they guessed the potatoes were 10% lighter than it's actual weight. 

Our perception of tasks and projects seem much bigger and harder when we place the weight solely on our own shoulders. When the weight is shared, our perception of the difficulty of the work changes. 

Likely, you currently have work that really matters on hold because you feel overwhelmed. You have projects sitting on the shelf because you don't believe in your ability to launch successfully. Maybe you need to ask for help. Maybe you need another person on your team to boost your confidence. Maybe another person will change your perception just enough to tip the scales in your favour. 

Write down the goals and projects you want to complete but have failed to start. Now write down someone's name next to those goals and projects. Your box of potatoes just got lighter.