Never arrive

When Amazon acquired Zappos, a likely assumption was Amazon would fold the shoe retailer into their everyday functions. 

Yet Amazon decided to make decisions that show why they are one of the most profitable and successful businesses of all time. They started to learn from the highly productive and counter intuitive culture of Zappos. Amazon started to adopt practices from Zappos that help the company thrive. 

Amazon shows us that even when you are a house hold name and can snap up companies for a billion dollars, there are still new things to learn. Instead of keeping the status quo, Amazon shows us that we always have room to grow.

We have new ideas to learn. We have new dreams to chase. We have new innovations to discover. We have new people to reach. We never arrive. 

Amazon could have kept the course. Refused to make changes and forced a smaller company to assimilate into their culture. Amazon could have flexed their superior authority. Instead, they decided to learn and grow.