Marketing or movement

We live in a time when marketing to millions of people costs very little. If you have a product, service or passion that you want others to know about, you have the opportunity to put that idea out into the world for free. Because of the internet, a mechanism exists to reach millions of people within minutes. But when you are busy telling your story, so are millions of others at the exact same time. When you talk about yourself, very few people will listen. That is the reality of marketing now.

Yet others are busy igniting something worth talking about. These people make such an impact on others, that their product, service and world view is being discussed on blogs, in coffee shops and around high school cafeteria tables. When your passion resonates with other people's passion, they will talk.

When you talk about your work, that is marketing. When others talk about your work, that is a movement. Marketing is nearly pointless. Movements change lives. You need to do work that matters. Do work that creates movements.