Make a plan

Most people don't plan on spending nearly 3 hours a day on social media. Most people don't start the day thinking about watching more than 4 hours of television before they go to bed. And most people don't plan on wasting 20% of their work day making small talk around the office. 

Yet, on average, this is exactly what happens everyday because most people don't plan. 

Before your day even starts, make a plan to do the important work. By planning to finish reading the new book, you won't get sucked into checking your email every 20 minutes. If you make a plan to organize the garage, you won't get sidetracked by no filter sunsets on Instagram. 

By planning your day, more of the important work will get done while leaving more than enough time to waste. Unless your plan is levelling up in candy crush, scheduling your day almost guarantees you doing the work that matters.