Living dog is better than a dead lion

The wisest man to ever live once said that a living dog is better than a dead lion. Although he was literally talking about life, there are many other applications in this one phrase. 

I often hear people talk about their great ideas and describe themselves as creative thinkers, but rarely hear about their accomplishments. The most mediocre action is better than the best idea that never happens.

We often focus primarily on the people that we currently aren't reaching. Always planning how to turn strangers into fans, but at times missing the opportunity of the current people in our circle. The impact from the smallest amount of people that follow us is better than no impact from the millions that aren't following us. 

Instead of focusing on the many good things you can do, focus on the great things you are doing. Instead of dreaming about what you want to do, plan the things you will do. Ideas without execution are dead. What you actually do and accomplish is better.