The lie surrounding sleep

At times, high capacity people might feel that sleep is a waste of time. The 6 to 8 hours that are wasted every single day doing nothing is hard to accept. So we push late into the night and set the alarm earlier and earlier, sucking every last minute we can out of the day. Except this is actually preventing the productivity we are fighting to achieve. 

Many studies have shown that too little sleep leads to less productivity and creativity. Other studies show that an interrupted night of sleep leads to more time wasted surfing the web the next day. 

Instead of being focused with the hours we can devote to our work, we wake up checking email and fall asleep with laptops in our beds. But those that truly are disciplined to get the work done that matters get enough sleep. 

Don't believe the lie that you don't need sleep. Don't believe that you can forgo an appropriate amount of sleep and rest without losing productivity. Be smart, be focused, work hard and then go to bed. Your work will be better. You will be better.