Get in the game

Millions of people watch hours of sports on television every week. People gather with friends at pubs to watch the game. Guys take road trips to different stadiums. Some people even take vacations with the sole purpose of watching sporting events. There is a level of excitement in watching a game.

Then there are many people that belonged on a team, although they did't get into the game all that often. They trained just as long as the rest of team and even travelled to the games with the team. But they only sat on the bench watching the game. But watching from the bench is more exciting that watching from the stands or on television. 

And then you have the players. Most exciting for sure, but possibly at a risk. Inside the game, you can disappoint the entire team. Inside the game, you get beat up and will be sore the next morning. Inside the game, the chance of injury increases dramatically. Inside the game, you can be responsible for failure. 

But only inside the game can you hit the game winning shot. Inside the game you grow more as a player than any other place. And only inside the game you have the opportunity to play your role that leads to success for an entire team.  

So what's your game? What's the big opportunity that is in front of you? It is time to stop watching and get in the game.