How to change is simple

Diet plans work. Less calories in, more calories out. There's nothing magical about diet plans except that people usually don't stick to them. Some people wish they weighed less, but usually don't make the changes that allow for weight loss. At some point, most people decide that the pain of sticking with change is not worth the results. That is actually the reason that most people don't change most of the time. 

How to change is simple. 

Want to be smarter? Buy a non-fiction book and read it instead of watching television. Download a book to your phone so you can read while in line at the store instead of checking email and twitter. 

Want to be healthier? Get off the couch and start moving more. Take a walk, swing a kettlebell, join a soccer league or ride your bike to work. Eat real food instead of processed, sucrose-fructose heavy foods. 

Want to be more trustworthy? Stop trying to make a point and make a difference. Do what you say you are going to do. Help people more than you ask people for help. 

Want more money? Stop spending more than you make. Use a cash system instead of credit cards. Eat at restaurants less often and cancel your cable subscription. 

The list can continue. Earn a promotion. Pray more. Speak another language. Buy a home. Land a new job. Travel the world. Serve in the community. 

Whatever you want to be or do starts with making a decision. Are you just talking about change or are you going to endure the necessary work and pain needed to accomplish your decision?