Hit by a bus

What happens if you get hit by a bus? Of course your family and friends would be incredibly sad, but what happens to the work you do? What happens to the things in your life that you are most passionate about? Unfortunately for most people, their most important work wouldn't move forward. 

What do you need to change so that would not be the reality for you? 

First you need to realize what you consider your most important work. Raising your children, creating art, inspiring the next generation, equipping the church, starting a fortune 500 company or starting the next social justice movement. 

You must decide that your most important work won't fade away when you do. This likely requires you to operate differently. This requires  you to focus on inspiring more than being inspired. This requires you to lead more than you follow. This requires you to mentor instead of just doing. 

Creating great works of art is special. Creating a movement of artist is the goal though.