Good enough isn't good enough

Good enough can sum up the attitude of mediocre leaders everywhere. The ability to do just enough to get by doesn't inspire anyone. Jim Collins stated that "good is the enemy of great." We buy into this, so we try harder, we work longer, and we strive farther. Often the extra work pays off, but there is another place to focus. 

Striving for excellence is less about what we do and far more about who we are. 

Instead of focusing on a task list, focus on character. Instead of focusing on profit, focus on relationships. Instead of focusing on how many people you reach, focus on how many people you love. 

Although job performance matters, personal growth matters more. While improving work place skills, measuring growth matters. With the same intentionality, measuring who we are to the standard of who we want to be will ensure growth.

Who are you now? Who do you want to be? This means admitting that you are not good enough. Compared to who you will be after intentional focus, good enough shouldn't be your goal anyway.