Game changer

Most people don't think about how many hotdogs they can eat in 12 minutes. So when we think of the long list of people that have won the world famous Nathan's Coney Island hotdog-eating contest, very few names would come to mind. Yet it is Takeru Kobayashi standing at 5'8" and weighing 130 pounds that changed the game forever in 2001.

The previous year's record was 25 hotdogs and buns. Takeru ate 50 in the same amount of time. The judges were so unprepared that handwritten signs had to be made to keep count during the contest. 

While most people in the contest asked how they could eat more hotdogs, Takeru asked how could he eat hotdogs easier.

So instead of eating a hotdog from end to end like everybody else, Takeru found an easier way to eat a hotdog. After ripping the hotdog in half, he would separate the meat and bun to allow for him to swallow more quickly. And since beverages are allowed in the competition, Takeru would dunk his bun in water and then squeeze out the water and air for a more compact bun. He invented the Kobayashi Shake where he would jump around and wiggle to prevent the hotdogs from coming back up. Not an enjoyable way to eat, but highly effective. 

We have so much to learn from a hotdog eating contest.

What different questions do you need to be asking? What things are you currently doing that can be done more effectively? What do you need to create that others will follow? How are you going to change the game?