Formerly known

Too often we define ourselves and act according to what we are formerly known as. Although we hate when people do this to us, we see others through this lens all the time. It is easier that way. He is always so negative. She doesn't work well with others. The guy down the hall always takes credit for other people's work. Of course, there are times when these statements are true and will always be true. 

Some of these statements or others like them might be true about you. But the problem is when they were formerly true but you still allow them to dictate what you do and who you are. 

People will always talk. A wise man once said haters gonna hate, but you can't live your life based on what you were formerly known as. You might have been the average one in school, but you are smart now. You might have been negative all the time because of your insecurities, but now you encourage and inspire others. You might have been on the fringe, but now you connect those people. 

Jesus does this all the time. People formerly known as prostitutes become the most beautiful worshippers. People formerly known as murders become global church planters. People formerly known as dead come alive. For everything that you are formerly known as, there is grace for that. 

Don't define your life this day forward as what you were formerly known as, instead be the person you are called and designed to be. We want you to be that person more than you know.