Expecting the unexpected

We like the unexpected. We have been trained to look past the routine and focus on what is different, for good or bad. A frog surrounded by dead flies will starve to death since he can only track movement. I don't know if that is scientifically true, but it makes a point. 

We now see a gifted musician glue telephones to her head or ride industrial grade demolition equipment to stand out. Although gimmicky, it works. For a short time anyway until the next musician comes along with a crazier idea. 

What would it look like to give others the unexpected? What does it say when the owner of company parks her employee's cars? What does leaving a 100% tip do to a server? How does a King riding a donkey change perspective? 

We now expect the unexpected. When we only do what is expected of us, we are simply checking a box. We become forgettable. Yet, when we do the unexpected in a way that benefits and serves others, the impact is long lasting.