Can't trust organizations

There are 7 Starbucks within 8 minutes of my house and I have been to them all at some point in the last year. Even though Starbucks strictly standardizes the coffee experience, I don't trust every store the same because the baristas are different. You can't trust organizations, you can only trust people. 

I don't trust some stores because the baristas will put the cookies away before closing. I trust other stores because they know I want the oat fudge bar without crust. I can't trust the store that puts lemonade in my iced tea. Every experience that builds or erodes trust solely comes from the actions of the baristas. People make the difference. 

Your business might be be building a brand, system or industry standard, but those can't be trusted. Only you can be trusted. Only your staff can be trusted. Only you can build or erode trust. Your actions and your decisions make the difference.