Discovery and Communication

Advancement comes from discovery and communication. I imagine the very first guy to discover fire wasn't alive to tell others how to replicate the achievement. At some point though the knowledge was shared. Once fire was common knowledge, it likely wasn't long until cooking over the open flame became popular.  

A company shouldn't spend millions of dollars on research if the information won't be shared with the development department. 

Not every discovery is going to be fire, the wheel or flight but you are making discoveries everyday that you have the opportunity to share. I am thankful for the people that communicated their discoveries that led to the advancement or improvement in my daily life. 

The blog that told me about Collective Coffee in Saskatoon. 

The mentor that gave me the book Brains of Fire

The friend that introduced me to real music . 

Thank those that have communicated their discoveries and make sure you are sharing your discoveries.