Define your position

I have always been tall. At 6'6", I was expected to play basketball at a young age. As the tallest kid on the basketball team in school, I was expected to play near the basket where tall players grabbed rebounds and blocked shots. I met the expectations for most of my high school years by leading the team in rebounds and blocked shots. Until the last year of high school, expectations changed.

That summer, the head coach was replaced by a young and inexperienced coach. All of sudden there were no expectations. The past roles were not known to the new coach. 

So my first shot in the first game of the season was deep beyond the three point line. It was the first time I shot a three pointer in a game. But since I made the shot, the new coach accepted my new role as a scorer. That season I led the area in scoring, received several MVP honours, voted honourable mention All-State and recruited to play university basketball. 

Looking back, the new coach gave me an excuse to shake off limiting expectations. The expectations I placed on myself as a basketball player were not based so much on my skill but more on what I thought about myself. 

This is your time to shake off limiting expectations. Chances are, you are limiting yourself by thinking about what others think of you, but in reality, we are waiting for you to become the baller you really are.