Crushing your dream

We love the over night success stories. The time when the girl nobody knew could sing was handed the microphone. The small start-up that sold to Google for $24,000,000. Yet, we don't think much about the many days and nights spent working alone on the craft to become the overnight sensation. 

Malcolm Gladwell gives us the "10,000 Hour Rule" in his book Outliers. Basically, you need to spend 10,000 hours practicing in order to become great. One of Gladwell's examples include how the Beatles spent years playing shows to small crowds in obscure bars before they became a house hold name around the world. 

In case math wasn't your best subject in school, this theory would equate to 20 hours a week for 10 years. This crushes your dream for overnight success. This also shows you the effort it takes to become great. And if you desire to become great, it is likely within your ability. 

Know the cost you need to pay to achieve greatness and do the work. Accept that you won't be an overnight prodigy. Instead celebrate every week you move hours closer to becoming great at your dream.