Communicators win

If the world was perfect, the best idea would always win. The best content would always spread. The truth would always prevail. But the world has been broken since chapter 3 of our history. 

It has been said that content is king, but how the content is communicated increasingly matters more and more. Ideas still matter greatly. Yet a poorly communicated great idea rarely spreads. Therefore, our communication methods need to grow daily. 

How you write needs to be better tomorrow than today. How you speak in front of people needs to improve continually. Your growth needs to be measured and your practice needs to increase. 

Throughout history, communicators win. Thankfully communication is a skill that can be learned, developed and strengthened. It starts with you understanding that you need more than the best content. Then you need to understand you can be much more influential than you realize.  You just need to do the work to get there.