90 minutes is about right

Big wins happen 90 minutes at a time. 90 minutes of uninterrupted focus can accomplish much more than sporadic work on tasks throughout the day. Tony Schwartz, well known author and entrepreneur, believes the 90 minute block can be the key to productivity. After 90 minutes, the average human will start to lose focus and work productivity plummets. 

This means that we are wired to work really hard and really focused for 90 minutes at a time, then we need to take a break. The breaks don't need to be long. A walk around the office. Drawing on the whiteboard. Processing some emails. Check out what is trending. This means you might be taking more breaks today at work. 

The flip side of this productivity tool is that you must focus for 90 minutes. This means when you are working on your big win, you shut down email. You ignore twitter. You don't open your office door. You work and don't come up for air, at least for the 90 minutes.