Worst critic, biggest fan

Before Pixar became the magical studio that produces a blockbuster every single movie, the creators decided on a core belief. During a stressful time when feeling pressure from Disney to fill the movie with songs, Pixar held to a core belief. When the Pixar team had to work through nights, weekends, and holidays, the core belief sustained them. 

Pixar lives this core belief: "If we make something that we want to see, others will want to see it, too."

Doing what you love shows. Passionate people stand out. Show people what you love and maybe they will love it too. Show people what you believe in and maybe they will believe in it too. 

Do you believe your own advice? 

Do you buy the products you sell? 

Do you read the words you write?

If you aren't a fan, why would you expect anyone else to be one? We know that we are often our own worst critic. Maybe at times we should be our own biggest fan. Love what you believe in. Believe in what you love. Others will too.