Three big wins

Every day, we have the same amount of time as the busiest and most important people in the world. 

Every day, we have the opportunity and responsibility to do something with the time we have been given.

As we prioritize our time, one of the most practical steps we can take is to write down what we expect to accomplish on a given day. Paper. Pen. Index card (or moleskin if you are that guy). This is a simple ten minutes or less exercise at the start of the day with large implications. 

Physically writing down your three big wins does something. Instead of just being an idea, it is now a plan. Instead of being a good intention, it is now a commitment for which you are accountable. Now in writing, you have to scratch out one win if you want to change to an easier or more fun win. Of course you will have scheduled meetings, other work you have to finish and lunches to pack for the kids, but you will KNOW what you have DECIDED to accomplish for the day. 

Once you establish this habit, you can extend to bigger wins for the week. Even bigger wins for the month and ultimately your huge wins for the year.