Too busy to think

Some of us believe that we are too busy. We tell people that we are busy. We might actually believe that we are too busy to take the time to think. Unfortunately it shows. 

We all know Bill Gates. Highly successful, innovative entrepreneur that started and ran one of the biggest companies of all time. If anyone is busy, it is Bill Gates. Yet, Gates will still take several weeks off a year to think. Bill Gates was too busy not to take time off to think. 

Many on the Microsoft team would say that it was during the times after Bill Gates left to think creatively that led to the greatest times of innovation. If you find yourself too busy, maybe it is time take some time to think. 

Right now, open your calendar and pick one day to take a book, paper and a pencil. Leave everything else behind for one day. Your focus, creativity, and productivity will increase. If you don't notice the benefit of giving yourself a  "thinking day", at least you have a different story to tell people instead of saying you are really busy.